Decking Railing Ideas : Stylish And Practical Ways to Surround Your Deck

Deck railing is the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor seating area. Its a great way to add an extra dose of style to your deck and of course its practical too. There are tons of varieties available to match your personal taste and accompany your plot beautiful, so make sure you have all the facts before you choose. 

whether you are thinking about replacing railing that let an existing deck down because they are not in great condition, look too old fashioned or just want a brand new deck design, there are plenty of stylish options to choose from . Adding a railing will instantly will transform the space and make it more aesthetically pleasing. 

It is also important to remember that in many cases a deck rail is a vital safety feature if your deck is raised  or needs stairs. 

Go For A Classic Look

In choosing a wooden deck railing you get the opportunity to paint or stain to match your garden furniture. Using wooden rail will add warmth to your garden and allow the natural grain to shine and will work beautifully with the rest of the garden. Wood is one of the most popular deck railing materials due to its beauty and value for money. wooden railings can create a natural look and are available in various modern and traditional styles. See our decking Spindles and start building your new look. 

Match Your Railing And Furniture

Choose deck rail that works in cohesion with other elements of your surroundings. Assess if your garden style is rustic and traditional or more contemporary and traditional or more contemporary  and modern and match your railings to that style. If your garden is full of clean, simple lines colours , glass, or metal deck railings would work best. Have a look at our range of garden Handrails. Baserails, and Newel Posts for your next railing project. 

Choose A Traditional Style

Traditional balustrade railing is a popular choice for many decking areas and works particularly well in country cottage style gardens. With square edged, upright spindles positioned at equal intervals and topped with a smooth wooden handrail, its sturdy and strong but does not block your view of the garden beyond the gaps between each spindle allow for natural light an plants to come through, but will keeps pets and children safe. Opt to wait your balustrade railings in a white or a very green or grey for a smart and classic look that ties into your garden. Try our Decking Newel Caps to give your picket fence the extra pop factor its deserves. 

Choose Some Metal Details 

You may prefer a metal look to your decking railing. These slim line balusters have a pleasing yet subtle curve. Positioned between a simple wooden structure such as our square decking post. The finished look gives a traditional look with a contemporary edge. Our Garden Handrail and Baserail will the ideal choice to construct the structure to fit metal features of your choice. 

Play With Patterns For Added Effect 

Add a bit of pizazz to your deck with a patterned wooden border. These cross hatched panels are great for adding an element of fun and are a feature point in themselves. A beautiful addition to a larger space, its a fabulous architectural twist on a classic design. Wood railing have the advantage that they can be stained or painted to match the deck though keep in mind they need regular maintenance to keep them in great shape. Use any of our Square Spindle, Stripwood or PAO’S Moulding provided they are treated to add patterns to your decking rails. 

Include Lights On Your Railing 

One of the best ways to ensure you can use your deck as much as possible is by adding lights to your deck railing. Garden lights combined with your deck railing will allow you to use the area both day and night and highlight the edge of your decking to keep it safe. Lighting can be installed on top or the sides of railing posts, making your decking the perfect space for alfresco dining ideas solar powered string lights are the perfect option for this. Although you may op for other power sources to keep your deck lit into the night.

No deck is complete without a railing . So choose your style and start to enjoy your garden a whole lot more .