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T&G Sheeting (Tongue & Groove Sheeting), also known as TGV, is a versatile component in many modern & traditional designs.

There are several benefits to using tongue & groove sheeting;

Firstly, it creates a beautiful and durable wall covering. Secondly, it is easy to install and perfect for a DIY enthusiast – simply batten out the area you wish to cover (using profiles from our stripwood range), nail your first T&G to the battens and slide the tongue of the next piece into the groove. Then keep building till you’re done. Thirdly, it covers ugly, uneven and unsightly areas to achieve a tidy and stylish finish. Finally, it can be used for a variety of applications, including full wall panelling, wainscoting, box cladding (eg sides of baths, beds etc) and ceiling cladding. This versatility makes it a popular & reliable option for many homes.

Panel boards can also be a great addition to a wall design. As well as being used for shelving, cupboard doors or any creative project a DIY enthusiast may have, glue edged panels come in white deal or red deal and are key products for Wood Mouldings as a popular solution to may DIY projects.