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Timber mouldings or timber profiles offer a final touch of elegance and creativity for every style of project. Back-in-the-day, the earliest use of mouldings was purely functional; to mask transitions between surfaces such as flooring and walls; today however, they are also chosen to add style and sophistication to interiors and exteriors alike. They can transform walls, doors, and furniture with a variety of timeless designs and profiles. The aesthetic of timber is not only beautiful, it also offers benefits in terms of its eco credentials. Ethically sourced timber is a renewable resource and is fully bio-degradable – that’s why timber mouldings are the natural choice for those keen to preserve the health of our planet; and these days that includes most of us.

At Wood Mouldings we only buy our wood from sustainable and managed forests and we offer a wide variety of profiles in our timber mouldings range such as angle beads, quadrants, scotias, dowels, coverslips, beading and of course the classic panel mouldings and decorative mouldings. All these options are available in a selection of timber types and sizes.

Here’s the low-down, if you would like to know more…….