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Timber quadrant mouldings or ‘quads’ are a curved shaped triangle moulding that has a cross-section which takes the shape of a quarter circle. Timber quadrants can be used to shield any gaps, cables or uneven edges between skirting & flooring, countertops & walls or any corner that needs filling. Wood Mouldings offer a variety of finishes including whitewood, mahogany, primed white and oak. These come in a variety of sizes too including 11, 16 & 21 mm.

Whitewood-Panel Mouldings


Mahogany Sapele- Angle Beads


Yellow Pine-Panel Mouldings

Yellow Pine

Red Deal- Panel Mouldings

Red Deal

Primed White- Angle Beads

Primed White

White Oak-Panel Mouldings


Quadrant 11mm

Quadrant 11mm
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
W4WhitewoodQuadrant11 x 11mm2400mm
M4MahoganyQuadrant11 x 11mm2400mm
P4Yellow PineQuadrant11 x 11mm2400mm

Quadrant 11mm Chamfered

Quadrant 11mm Chamfered
Code Wood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
RD4Red DealQuadrant11 x 11mm2400mm
PRIW4Primed WhiteQuadrant11 x 11mm2400mm

Quadrant 16mm

Quadrant 16mm
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
W5WhitewoodQuadrant16 x 16mm2400mm
RD5Read DealQuadrant16 x 16mm2400mm
M5MahoganyQuadrant16 x 16mm2400mm
P5Yellow PineQuadrant16 x 16mm2400mm

Quadrant 16mm Chamfered

Quadrant 16mm Chamfered
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
OAK5OakQuadrant16 x 16mm2400mm
PRIW5Primed WhiteQuadrant16 x 16mm2400mm

Quadrant 21mm

Quadrant 21mm Quadrants
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
W6WhitewoodQuadrant21 x 21mm2400mm
RD6Red DealQuadrant21 x 21mm2400mm
P6Yellow PineQuadrant21 x 21mm2400mm