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A newel is a large post that supports the handrail on a stairway. Stair Newels are typically located at the bottom and top of stairways, as well as at turns or landings in the stairway. Newels are a key structural feature of a stair case and range is style from the elaborate to the minimal. Double Newels are often placed at a turn on the staircase to accommodate the different heights that the handrail meets the newel both above and below the turn of the stairs. Half Newels, which are split down the length of the post, are also a feature of many stair cases, used where the stair rail ends at a wall. The half newel gives continuity of design by matching the other full newels in the staircase while avoiding the bulk of a full-size post protruding from the wall.  

A newel post may also be sold as a separate top and base. This allows the customer to vary the height of the post (depending on their requirements) by choosing between a short or long base. A Newel Cap or finial is a decorative detail that is typically found on the top of a newel post. Newel caps come in many different shapes and designs, such as ball or acorn cap (typically on a turned newel) and pyramid or flat (which take typically to a square and chamfered newel). Though usually made from timber to match the newel post, they can be made from a variety of materials and decorated with many different finishes. 

The question of how many newels would a staircase need is often answered by regulations of spacing and stair layout in each different setup. Typically however, you will need a newel at the foot of your stair case and for every turn thereafter. 

Yellow Pine-Panel Mouldings


Primed White- Angle Beads

Primed White

Mahogany Sapele- Angle Beads


White Oak-Panel Mouldings


Pine Chrome stair spindle


White Chrome


Oak Chrome stair spindles


Classic Full Newel Post

Classic Full Newel Post stair newel
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CFNRD1PineClassic Full Newel91 x 91mm1500mm
COP196WPrimed WhiteClassic Full Newel91 x 91mm1500mm
CFNM1MahoganyClassic Full Newel91 x 91mm1500mm

Classic Half Newel Post

Classic Half Newel Post stair newels
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CHFNRD1PineClassic Half Newel91 x 41mm1500mm
COP196WHALFPrimed WhiteClassic Half Newel91 x 41mm1500mm
CHFNM1MahoganyClassic Half Newel91 x 41mm1500mm

Classic Newel Top

Classic Newel Top stiar newels
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CNTRD1PineClassic Newel Top91 x 91mm870mm
CCMN196WPrimed WhiteClassic Newel Top91 x 91mm870mm
CNTWO1OakaClassic Newel Top91 x 91mm870mm
CNTM1MahoganyClassic Newel Top91 x 91mm870mm

Classic Half Newel Top

Classic Half Newel Top stair newels
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CHNTRD1PineClassic Half Newel Top91 x 41mm870mm
CHNTWO1OakClassic Half Newel Top91 x 41mm870mm

Classic Double Newel Top

Classic Double Newel Top stair newels
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CDNTRD1PineClassic Double Newel Top91 x 91mm870mm
CDNTWO1OakClassic Double Newel Top91 x 91mm870mm
CDNTM1MahoganyClassic Double Newel Top91 x 91mm870mm

Square Full Newel Post

Square Full Newel Post stair newels
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CFNRD3PineSquare Full Newel91 x 91mm1500mm
CPT1500WPrimed WhiteSquare Full Newel91 x 91mm1500mm
CFNWO3OakSquare Full Newel91 x 91mm1500mm

Square Half Newel Post

Square Half Newel Post stair newels
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CHFNRD3PineSquare Half Newel91 x 41mm1500mm
CPT1500WHALFPrimed WhiteSquare Half Newel91 x 41mm1500mm
CHFNWO3OakSquare Half Newel91 x 41mm1500mm

Chamfered Full Newel Post

Chamfered Full Newel Post stair newels
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CFNRD6PineChamfered Full Newel91 x 91mm1500mm
CST1500WPrimed WhiteChamfered Full Newel91 x 91mm1500mm
CHFNWO6OakChamfered Full Newel91 x 91mm1500mm

Chamfered Half Newel Post

Chamfered Half Newel Post
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CHFNRD6PineChamfered Half Newel91 x 41mm1500mm
CST1500WHALFPrimed WhiteChamfered Half Newel91 x 41mm1500mm
CHFNWO6OakChamfered Half Newel91 x 41mm1500mm

Chamfered Newel Top

Chamfered Newel Top
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CNTRD6PineChamfered Newel Top91 x 91mm850mm

Newel Base 615mm

615mm Newel Base
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CNBRD1PineNewel Base91 x 91mm615mm
CNBWO1OakNewel Base91 x 91mm615mm

Newel Base 915mm

915mm Newel Base
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CNBRD2PineNewel Base91 x 91mm915mm
CNBWO2OakNewel Base91 x 91mm915mm
CNBM2MahoganyNewel Base91 x 91mm915mm

Newel Base 1500mm

1500mm Newel Base
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CNBRD4PineNewel Base91 x 91mm1500mm
CNBM4MahoganyNewel Base91 x 91mm1500mm

Half Newel Base 615mm

615mm Half Newel Base
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CHNBRD1PineHalf Newel Base91 x 41mm615mm
CHNBWO1OakHalf Newel Base91 x 41mm615mm

Ball Cap

Ball Cap stair newels
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CCAPRD1PineBall Cap85 x 85mm132mm
CCMC2WPrimed WhiteBall Cap85 x 85mm132mm
CCAPWO1OakBall Cap85 x 85mm132mm
CCAPM1MahoganyBall Cap85 x 85mm132mm

Half Ball Cap

Half Ball Cap
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CHCAPRD1PineHalf Ball Cap85 x 40mm132mm
CCMC2WHALFPrimed WhiteHalf Ball Cap85 x 40mm132mm
CHCAPWO1OakHalf Ball Cap85 x 40mm132mm
CHCAPM1MahoganyHalf Ball Cap85 x 40mm132mm

Acorn Cap

Acorn Cap
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CCAPRD2PineAcorn Cap84 x 84mm158mm
CCAPWO2OakAcorn Cap84 x 84mm158mm

Half Acorn Cap

Half Acorn Cap stair newels
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CHCAPRD2PineHalf Acorn Cap84 x 40mm158mm
CHCAPWO2OakHalf Acorn Cap84 x 40mm158mm

Pyramid Cap

Pyramid Cap stair newels
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CAPRD3PineFlat Cap125 x 125mm43mm
CFNCWPrimed WhitePyramid Cap125 x 125mm43mm
CCAPWO4OakPyramid Cap125 x 125mm43mm

Half Pyramid Cap

Half Pyramid Cap stair newels
CodeWood TypesDescriptionSizeLength
HCAPRD4PineHalf Flat Cap125 x 57mm43mm
CFNCWHALFPrimed WhiteHalf Pyramid Cap125 x 57mm43mm
CHCAPWO4OakHalf Pyramid Cap125 x 57mm43mm

Solo Square Cap

Solo Square Cap stair newels
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CSOLOCAPPPine/ChromeSolo Square Cap110 x 110mm50mm
CSOLOCAPWCWhite/ChromeSolo Square Cap110 x 110mm50mm
CSOLOCAPOOak/ChromeSolo Square Cap110 x 110mm50mm

Solo Half Square Cap

Solo Half Square Cap
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CSOLOCAPPHALFPine/ChromeSolo Half Square Cap110 x 38mm50mm
CSOLOCAPPWCHALFWhite/ChromeSolo Half Square Cap110 x 38mm50mm
CSOLOCAPOHALFOak/ChromeSolo Half Square Cap110 x 38mm50mm