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Stair Spindles are an important part in the staircase structure. Specifically of the balustrade or banister section of the stair case, which is a collective name for the stair rails, spindles & newels. A stair spindle provides vertical support that helps to secure a stair rail in place on a stairway. How far apart, how wide and how high the stair spindles should be depends on how an individual staircase is configured, however according to Irish building regulations, the maximum gap allowed between spindles is 99mm. Spindles used for the ascending part of the stairs are called Rake Spindles and would tend to be a little shorter (approx. 900mm) than the Landing Spindles (approx. 1100mm) which would often be used, as the name implies, on the landing areas. 

Examples of some different stair spindle designs include; 

  • The Classic Spindle, a traditional turned spindle which provides a traditional elegance influenced by Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian styles. 
  • The Square Spindle a contemporary spindle with universal appeal. As its name suggests this is a blank, unturned spindle and often a good choice if searching for stair parts on a budget. 
  • The Chamfered Spindle has a square top and base and provides a more modern look than the classic, with its contemporary tapered middle section.  
  • The Solo Stair Spindle is based on the traditional classic design but has a contemporary twist with a metal middle section made from chrome or nickel. 
  • The Clarity Glass Landing Panel is made with toughened glass panels giving a chic, modern appearance to a staircase. 

Coming in a range of finishes such as primed white, pine, white oak etc, the variety of both shape, material and colour gives huge scope of choice to the homeowner to finish their stair case whatever way pleases them most. 

Yellow Pine-Panel Mouldings


White Oak-Panel Mouldings

White Oak

Primed White- Angle Beads

Primed White

Mahogany Sapele- Angle Beads


Pine Chrome stair spindle


White Chrome


Oak Chrome stair spindles


Oak Nickel


Glass stair spindles


Classic Spindles

Classic Spindle. Stair spindles.
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CSPRD1PineClassic Spindle41 x 41mm895mm
CSPRD2PineClassic Spindle41 x 41mm1100mm
CSPWO1White OakClassic Spindle41 x 41mm895mm
CED90WPrimed WhiteClassic Spindle41 x 41mm895mm
CED110WPrimed WhiteClassic Spindle41 x 41mm1100mm
CSPM1MahoganyClassic Spindle41 x 41mm895mm

Square Spindle

Square Spindle - stair spindle
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CSPRD3PineSquare Spindle41 x 41mm895mm
CSPRD4PineSquare Spindle41 x 41mm1100mm
CSPWO3White OakSquare Spindle41 x 41mm895mm
CSPWO9White OakSquare Spindle41 x 41mm1100mm
CC41BLK895WPrimed WhiteSquare Spindle41 x 41mm895mm

Chamfered Spindle

Chamfered Spindle stair spindle
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CSPRD6PineChamfered Spindle41 x 41mm895mm
CSPRD7PineChamfered Spindle41 x 41mm1100mm
CSPWO6White OakChamfered Spindle41 x 41mm895mm
CSPWO7White OakChamfered Spindle41 x 41mm1100mm
CST9041WPrimed WhiteChamfered Spindle41 x 41mm895mm
CST11041WPrimed WhiteChamfered Spindle41 x 41mm1100mm

Solo Spindle

Solo Spindle. stair spindles
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CSOLO900PCPine/ChromeSolo Rake Spindle41 x 41mm895mm
CSOLO110PCPine/ChromeSolo Landing Spindle41 x 41mm1100mm
CSOLO900WCWhite/ChromeSolo Rake Spindle41 x 41mm895mm
CSOLO110WCWhite/ChromeSolo Landing Spindle41 x 41mm1100mm
CSOLO900OCOak/ChromeSolo Rake Spindle41 x 41mm895mm
CSOLO110OCOak/ChromeSolo Landing Spindle41 x 41mm1100mm
CSOLO900ONOak/NickelSolo Rake Spindle41 x 41mm895mm
CSOLO110ONOak/NickelSolo Landing Spindle41 x 41mm1100mm

Clarity Glass Panels

Clarity Glass Rake Panel
CodeMaterial TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CCGPR1GlassClarity Rake Panel200 x 8mm835mm
CCGPL1GlassClarity Landing Panel200 x 8mm850mm
CCGPSL1GlassClarity Panel200 x 8mm835mm