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White Deal PAO or ‘Planed All Over’ is another name for Stripwood, though in Wood Mouldings we list them as separate products to identify a separation between the white deal range which is generally sold in a builders yard, from the stripwood range, generally found in-store in display merchandisers. White deal is a pine variety, (softwood) with a wide array of building purposes. It lacks some of the refinement of other timbers but is ideal for structural work and is a value product.  It is easy to paint, varnish, stain or wax and can be a successful element in design as well as structural projects.

White Deal timber is strong and hard-wearing, making it ideal for structural purposes, such as internal furniture framing and general carpentry structures. Choose from a variety of sizes between 18mm and 68mm to best suit the needs of your project.

For decorative ideas on how to use this timber, see our suggestion on ideas as to how to create a feature wall .

White-Deal Glue Edged Panels

White Deal

PAO 18mm

18mm PAO White Deal
Code Wood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
PAOWD4White DealPAO45 x 18mm2400mm
PAOWD5White DealPAO70 x 18mm2400mm
PAOWD6White DealPAO95 x 18mm2400mm
PAOWD7White DealPAO120 x 18mm2400mm
PAOWD8White DealPAO145 x 18mm2400mm
PAOWD9White DealPAO170 x 18mm2400mm

PAO 32mm

32mm PAO White Deal
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
PAOWD10White DealPAO32 x 32mm2400mm
PAOWD11White DealPAO45 x 32mm2400mm
PAOWD12White DealPAO63 x 32mm2400mm

PAO 40mm

40mm PAO White Deal
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
PAOWD13White DealPAO44 x 40mm2400mm
PAOWD14White DealPAO68 x 40mm2400mm

PAO 68mm

68mm PAO White Deal
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
PAOWD17White DealPAO68 x 68mm2400mm