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A window board, more commonly known as a window sill, is the piece of wood found under a window forming a kind of shelf. They are primarily used to cover the gap at the bottom of a window, which occurs because external walls are usually a lot thicker than a window, so leaving a reveal around the frame.

In many homes, window boards or sills are also used as shelves for ornaments, picture frames and books. The moulding, whether left as natural wood or painted can add to the aesthetic of a room, be that a comfy, relaxing feel or a sleek, sophisticated space.

We manufacture window boards in MDF (medium density fibreboard) Primed White which is cost effective and ready to take its final coat of paint, making them suitable for any interior design approach.

Window boards can be glued down with adhesive or fixed with screws – however the former is preferable for the best finish, offering no visible fixings.


Primed White- Angle Beads

MDF Primed White

Window Board

Primed Window Board
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
WINBPRIW1MDF Primed WhiteWindow Board25 x 244mm3660mm
WINBPRIW2 MDF Primed WhiteWindow Board25 x 294mm3660mm