The Full Guide To Creating An Accent Wall

 What is an accent wall


An accent wall is one that has been made to stand out in some interesting , artistic way. sometimes it is simply painted a different hue from the other walls in the room. More exciting possibilities however include a vast range of eye catching style variations such as stencils or the addition of texture via materials such as tile or wood. 

In this blog we will be discussing and concentrating on using wood trims to create your accent wall. So before you get started with your redecoration project lets first discuss how to choose your wall for the best effect. 

General Tips For Choosing An Accent Wall 

Find or create a focal poin

Your accent wall is intended to stand out from the rest of the room, for that reason it is important to select a wall that will be a natural focal point. For instance the backdrop to handsome fireplace or behind the sofa can work well. If there is no obvious focal point in your room, create one yourself , perhaps by positioning your new living room couch or an attractive array of potted plants in front of your accent wall to be. 

Fit the room style

As with any decorative elements, a successful accent wall should fit in with the existing décor style of your room. Whatever your style personality may be industrial chic, country cottage, 80s nostalgia anything goes as long as the interior design of the room feels consistent and comfortable. 

Tips For Choosing An Accent Wall With Wood Trim

Decide What Type Of Trim To Use 

Wood trims and mouldings come in many assorted forms. Panel mouldings , Picture rail, Chair rail, Board and Batten and Wainscoting are a few perennial favourites. Choose an accent wall starring just one of these architectural features, or for an increased drama experiment with combining several types. 

Select The Right Wood And Finishing 

The kind if wood which you select is bound to become a distinctive component of your accent wall. After all the purpose of an accent wall is to draw attention. If you want to keep it natural give careful thought to the colour and grain of the wood species you plan to use and how it will coordinate with the colour scheme already in your room. To showcase fine wood trim or moulding consider installing it at the top plain white walls and finish with a translucent stain that will let the natural beauty of your wood to shine through. Alternatively you can paint your trims to either match or contrast the walls. 

Three Ways To Make unique Accent Walls With Wood Trim 

Board And Batten Accent Wall With Wood Trim 

Board And Batten is becoming more and more popular with DIYers, but this style has actually been around since the 1800s. So while it is trendy now ,it is actually a very old technique and style. It all started in Europe as people were building their own homes and making them waterproof. Originally a small strip of wood would then be nailed over the crack or seem of siding to make it weather tight. The small wood strip was called a batten, thus the name board and batten. 

Board and Batten can be customized to your specific taste or the needs of the room. You could use this technique throughout your home and give each  room their own character. Board and Batten pretty much means putting wood/MDF strips on your wall in a pattern or design. We love it because it is an affordable way to give space character and elevate your room. 

Angled Accent Wall With Wooden Trim 

Angled accent wall is the perfect project to shake off some DIY cobwebs. Its easy and affordable which means its low stakes. The materials are also easily available and you don’t need a ton of fancy tools to get started. Try our range of Parting Beads and Astragal mouldings to achieve this effect. 

Slat Accent Wall With Wood Trim 

A Slat Wall with its sleek minimalistic look has become one of the most popular accent walls in recent years. If you are looking to add some texture to your walls in a day. a slat wall is one of the easiest ways to achieve that look. 

Trimming walls with cool wood accents makes a room sing. We promise you will love any wall that you decide to refresh. the three ways to make unique accent walls with wood trim that we shared are just a few ideas of what can happen when you stop dreaming and start doing.