Tik Tok’s Acoustic Wall Panel Trends

Discover The Acoustic Wood Panels Trends People Are Obsessed With. 

Tik-Tok has become the go to platform for home décor inspiration and one trend that has really ignited the imagination is the acoustic wood panel mania. from influencers showcasing their stunning transformations to homeowners seeking a touch of elegance, the appeal of these panels has skyrocketed.

Transforming Your Space

Acoustic Panels for walls have revolutionised the concept of interior design by offering a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Crafted from high quality hardwood veneer, these panels add visual chic to your space and serve as effective sound absorbers. They create a serene and peaceful environment, allowing you to unwind and relax in style. With their warm, modern appeal, wooden acoustic panels have captured the hearts of millions seeking to build that dream home. 

When used correctly, they can significantly reduce external noise, ensuring a quiet home environment. Whether you live  near a bustling city street or in a noisy neighbourhood, these panels act as a muffler, allowing you to escape into your oasis. 

Tik- Toks Acoustic Top Panel Trends. 

Kitchen Counters & Islands 

Designing your kitchen interiors can be a difficult task when seeking to stand out of the norm. When working with value, high street brand kitchen as most of us do, the result can be amazing but the design doesn’t leave much room for individual expression and creativity. Adding slat wall panels to kitchens, but the result truly speak for themselves. They soften the atmosphere of monotone kitchens and standardised unit, by adding warmth and natural textures to a space that can be clinical and mundane. 

In commercial settings, acoustic panels are also a fantastic way to being a bespoke feel to a cafe, bar restaurant or even reception area. – perfect for business owners looking to refurbish. In addition, your business will likely benefit from the peaceful atmosphere created by the Sound Absorbing Acoustic Foam, which does a great job at dampening and reverberations. 

Media Wall 

When it comes to designing a media wall, acoustic wall panels are also a great option to consider. These panels are versatile and durable, making them an ideal choice for creating a modern and functional media mall. One of the biggest advantages of using slat wall panels is their ability to hold a wide range of items. From mounted television speakers, shelves to artwork, acoustic wall panels are easily customised and can accommodate all kinds of media components tailored to suit your specific needs and preference. 

Acoustic wall panels are also easy to install. Unlike traditional media walls that require extensive construction work, acoustic wall panels attach to the wall with little effort or DIY experience. This not only saves time and money, but also allows you to create a media wall that is easy to modify and update over time. 

Upcycled Furniture 

Remember that old, beat up side table in the garage? Seen a great deal at the local charity shop? Offer it a new lease on life, concealing any dings and knocks by adorning your forgotten furniture with some gorgeous acoustic wall panelling. This may require some research and a pinch of creativity, as there isn’t a standard method for adding acoustic wall panels to your furniture. But if you can make this work it is certainly worth it. Successfully adding wall panels to your furniture is an eco friendly way to extend the life of your old furniture, whilst providing a chic bohemian vibe in your home. 

Hidden Storage and Secret Doors 

Got something to hide? We understand 

Secret doors are a fun trend that has taken off in a big way. An effective way to create a hidden passage is using acoustic wall panels to blend your door with the surrounding walls, making it almost impossible to detec. Just fit acoustic wall panels as normal along either edge of your secret door, and guests will be oblivious to the mysteries that lurk on the other side. Available in a range of colours and styles to match the decor in your house, Your secret  lair will blend seamlessly and remain just that a secret. 

Half Wall Panelling

A familiar style more typically comprised of panel mouldings topped with a Dado Rail- This is a contemporary take on classic half wall panelling or wainscoting. A stylish option that allows for additional expression through your paintwork above. Go for muted, earthy tones to off set a warm wall panelling.  Cutting down your acoustic wall panels is a clever way to make them stretch further, meaning you will need to buy fewer panels to adorn your walls. 

Ambient Lighting 


Acoustic wall panels are perfect for implementing dramatic lighting design in your home, casting intriguing shadows due to their texture and shape. They are also perfect for concealing wires and fixtures between the slats – wires can routed between the slats as a simple way to achieve a flawless finish whilst keeping components hidden away. 

There has never been better time to consider refreshing your interiors with wall panelling. In recent years. there have been some exciting trends emerging in the world of slat walls- the acoustic slat wall panel has been on of the most popular looks of recent times and is a cost effective solution. if you’d like to introduce some visual interest to your wall, acoustic wall panels are an excellent option. 

So how can you incorporate this on- trend feature into your home? 

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