Wall Panel Kits

Wall Panel Kits

Wall Panelling is back in style. it can elevate any room in your house from living room to bathroom without breaking the bank. Be your style traditional or modern, this simple addition to your walls instantly adds class, sophistication and an eye catching feature no matter what you choose. Whether creating one feature wall or decorating the entire room, your eyes will be drawn to the beauty and elegance of the Wall Panels as soon as you enter the space. 

Our Wall Panelling kit allow you to achieve this effect simply and easily, with minimal effort. No need for special skills as our panel kits are pre – cut and mitered and have been designed by fitters for easy DIY installation. 

Once installed, you are free to paint and decorate as you please, creating that picture perfect look for a fraction of the cost of a professional joiner. 

Benefits Of Using Wall Panelling Kits.

  • Instantly adds character to any room 
  • Creates a fabulous look at a fraction of the normal cost
  • Designed by fitters for easy installation 
  • Make the style your own with your choice of colour or finish 
  • Gives an immediate and lasting impact 

Origins Of Wall Panelling 

Historically, Wall Panelling was used to cover the cold and damp stone interiors of old castles and manor homes. The wooden panels, which date back to the late 15th century, acted as a kind of insulation to protect the owners from contact with the bare stone walls and create a more comfortable as well as decorative environment.

Nowadays, in our modern insulated homes, wood panelling is no longer used for comfort but instead to achieve an elegant and refined aesthetic. 

Traditionally, a wooden Wall Panel is constructed from a flat and single piece of material, either placed along the lower half of a wall or covering it entirely. The Panel may very in height, thickness and design but the basic principle is the same in that wall is elevated through the symmetry and decoration of the repeated panel pattern. 

Our Wall Panel kits allow you to achieve this same effect without the need for cumbersome and heavy wooden panels or special carpentry tools. Strips of decorative or modern style mouldings are bundled in pre- mitered lengths to allow the home owner build a panel wall effect with ease and accuracy. 

Choose from one of our four design options to transform your house into a picture perfect home that belongs in the pages of designer magazine.

Our New Range of Panelling Kits. 

For details on full range of Wall Panel Kits read on and please don’t hesitate to contact your local hardware outlet to place an order. 

You will find a list of all our retail partners on our stockists page. https://woodmouldings.com/stockists/


Dado Wall Kit:


A classic and timeless decorative dado and panelling style. One kit covers a meter are, add  multiple kits together to cover a wider space. 

Pre cut and pre – mitered to save you time and effort. 

Each Kit Contains: 

1 X 2m Decorative Dado moulding, 6 X 515mm Pre – Mitered, Decorative Mouldings and 6 X 90mm Pre – mitered Decorative Mouldings. 


Modern Wall Kit:


This Wall Panel Capping Kit allow you to achieve a modern style wainscoting with ease. Paint or stain with colour of your choice to achieve a beautiful finish in any room of your house. 

Each kit contains: 

1 X 2m Decorative Capping moulding. 2 X 2m Horizontal Slats and 4 X 900m vertical slats. 


Shaker Wall Kit: 


Turn a lifeless room into a warm and elegant haven with this Shaker Wall Panelling Kit.  A stylish way to add some texture to your wall, it offers a chic yet homely appeal. 

Simply attach  the kit strips to the wall and paint to match your wall. 

Each kit Contains 

6 x 9mm (thick) X 63mm (Wide) X  1200mm (Long) strips of MDF. 


MDF Wall Kit: 


Create an impact with this elegant wall panel. 1.2m MDF strips, ready to affix to the wall and paint. coverage of approx. 1.2m squared. The MDF Wall Kit is easy to fix to your wall with glue or nails, the strips are pre- cut to size and fit directly to your wall. 

Each Kit Contains: 

6 X 9mm (thick) X 97mm (wide) X 1200mm (long).