What is Kota & How Can It Help?

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Kota is a factory finished, touch-impact-resistant solution, the latest innovation of MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard) mouldings. It is manufactured using the advanced Eastman Cerfis Technology coating system. As a result, it boasts a smooth white coating that doesn’t need to be painted, saving time, hassle and money. Kota is colour-consistent, factory-finished, and highly durable, giving you the perfect finish every time.

Benefits of using Kota products:

  • Factory Finished profiles
  • Simple 3 step installation
  • Durable yet elegant
  • Colour consistency
  • No VOC’s
  • Saves time, hassle and money

Kota Profile Types

We provide Kota skirtings and architraves in four different profile types – Torus, Ogee, Chamfer and Bullnose. Door linings and doorstops are also available on request.














Additional Kota Accessories on Offer

We also supply a range of Kota finishing and fitting accessories to help you deliver professional installations in a simple, quick way. We recommend using Kota FIX to glue skirtings and architraves, for instant bonding and fast drying.

Kota profiles are easily cleaned using water and a damp cloth – perfect for busy households! These products are extremely durable and scratch resistant. However, if any touch-ups become necessary, Kota finish is perfect to fill in any scratches or nail holes etc.

See our product page here and our stocklists for more information