Wooden Dowels: A Handy Piece Of Wood For Joinery & More

Wood dowels have been a staple of wood working and carpentry since the late 19th century, and the come in handy for many DIY projects. 

If you’re searching for a method of making a strong woodworking or an easy to make work piece, then wooden dowels, may just be the thing you need. 

What are Wooden Dowels? 

A dowel, sometimes referred to as a dowel rod, is a cylindrical piece of wood which can be used in a wide variety of tasks such as furniture joining, supports for hanging items, flag poles, broom handles, as well general craft and model making. 


What type of projects are dowels good for? 

If you’re an experienced woodworker, you already know about wooden dowels and how they impact the quality and strength of butt joins when crafting furniture or making other such joinery items. Dowels are always in demand, but with DIY upcycling and crafting being more popular then ever before, wooden dowel underpins an increasing number of home projects or hobbies. 


Wood dowels are popular for hidden joints used in  furniture and cabinet making- and for good reasons. If you’re new to woodworking you may be sceptical that a wooden peg will bear the stress and strain of holding furniture together, but ask nay expert and they will tell you that joints with wooden dowelling are even stronger then mortise and tenon joint, screws and nails combined. 

  • General Joinery: Dowels can be used in construction for joining beams, framing elements and other structural components. 
  • Staircase Construction: In the assembly of staircases, dowels can be employed to join handrails, balusters and newel posts. 

Fixing Bored Holes 

Dowels can also come in handy for covering screw heads used for fixing. They cover the eyesore of the screw and blend in with the surrounding timber. The process is simple. Use a dowel jib to drill the hole and insert a dowel rod with a little bit of wood glue. Once the glue is dried, you can cut the dowel with a flush cut saw and give it a quick sanding. 

Stool & Plant Sands

A stool or plant stand with dowel rod legs is about as a simple as you can get. Grab a slab of wood and cut a circle top with a jigsaw. We suggest using a router to soften the edges and then sand the top.  Cut your dowels ( of appropriate thickness and timber) to length, making sure the floor end is at an angle so the legs sit flush on the floor. Drill a hole in the flat end of the dowel legs and attach them to the circle top with hardware. Paint or finish however it will look best with your decor. 

Cheap Curtain Hangers. 

Since people don’t see the curtain rod. your spare dowels will do just fine. you can add fancy finials if you want and those can be thrifted or salvaged to keep costs low. Choose a dowel of appropriate width of the fabric , making sure its thick enough to support the weight of materials like velvet or heavy canvas. Dowels can be used for many hanging purposes, such as wardrobe poles, coat hooks or even drying spaghetti. 

Dowel A Cake 

Ever wondered how towering layer cakes stand up? Dowels, my friend. Inserted into the body of the cake, they provide hidden support for the layers to ensure the cake remains stable until its eaten. Make sure to use clean, new dowels for this, in the interest of health and safety. 



Dowels come in many different thicknesses, from 6mm (or less) up to 50mm (plus) and so many different applications and strengths. This variety is also added to by the type of timber used. Dowels made from hardwood such as oak or ash with be particularly strong and durable. This variety has made very flexible in its uses and there is no end to the projects you could dream up using dowels. Choosing the appropriate dowel for your particular project is the key starting point and after that you can use your dowels to create many things such as miniature models (fences, telegraph polls, cattle grids, pillars etc, wooden toys,  flag poles, plant and utensil hangers the possibilities are endless. 

Whether you’re working on a woodworking project, repairing furniture, or engaged in a craft or hobby, wood dowels offer a simple and effective way to create strong and stable connections between pieces of wood. 

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