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Stripwood is one of several names given to lengths of planed, square edge timber of varying dimensions and timber types.They have a wide range of applications including:

– Internal structural support for furniture such as cupboards and sofas.

– Building structural framing, battening or boxing in construction.

– Creating a trim or pattern on walls and furniture

This versatility makes it a product in high demand.

PAO (Planned all over) or as it is also know PSE (Planed Square Edge) is a similar product to stripwood though in Wood Mouldings’ range it comes in larger dimensions than the Stripwood and tends to be utilised in structures which require greater strength or are holding a greater load. PAO, however can also be used to create some beautiful feature walls. See our Feature Wall suggestions under Hints & Advice.

Below, you see can our range of White Deal PAO’s and Stripwoods which are available in a variety of sizes and wood types such as Whitewood, Southern Yellow Pine, Red Deal and Mahogany.