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Stripwood is planed, square-edged timber commonly used in many building and DIY jobs. Also referred to as PAO or PSE when in larger sizes, it is a product of great versatility and function, being used for a variety of jobs such as framing, shelving, wall decorating or building structural and internal frameworks.

We provide Stripwood in a range of timber types, hard and softwood, including red deal, whitewood, mahogany & primed white.  We also manufacture a wide choice of sizes from 6mm upwards.

Whitewood-Panel Mouldings


Yellow Pine-Panel Mouldings

Yellow Pine

Red Deal- Panel Mouldings

Red Deal

Mahogany Stair Rail- Hand & Base


Primed White

Stripwood 6mm

Stripwood - All
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
W39WhitewoodStripwood Slip16 x 6mm2400mm
W42WhitewoodStripwood Slip19 x 6mm2400mm
P42Yellow PineStripwood Slip19 x 6mm2400mm
W47WhitewoodStripwood Slip29 x 6mm2400mm
P47Yellow PineStripwood Slip29 x 6mm2400mm

Stripwood 9mm

Stripwood 9mm Stripwood
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
W40WhitewoodStripwood Slip16 x 9mm2400mm
W43WhitewoodStripwood Slip19 x 9mm2400mm
P43Yellow PineStripwood Slip19 x 9mm2400mm
W48WhitewoodStripwood Slip45 x 9mm2400mm
RD48Red DealStripwood Slip45 x 9mm2400mm
M48MahoganyStripwood Slip45 x 9mm2400mm

Stripwood 12mm

Stripwood 12mm Stripwood
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
W44WhitewoodStripwood Slip19 x 12mm2400mm
P44Yellow PineStripwood Slip19 x 12mm2400mm
RD94Red DealStripwood Slip28 x 12mm2400mm
RD95Red DealStripwood Slip35 x 12mm2400mm
RD96Red DealStripwood Slip45 x 12mm2400mm
RD97Red DealStripwood Slip58 x 12mm2400mm
RD98Red DealStripwood Slip68 x 12mm2400mm

Stripwood 16mm

CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
RD49Red DealStripwood Slip45 x 16mm2400mm
M49MahoganyStripwood Slip45 x 16mm2400mm

Square Stripwood 21mm

Square Stripwood
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
W38WhitewoodSquare Stripwood21 x 21mm2400mm

Primed White Stripwood

Primed White Stripwood
Code Wood Type Description Size Length
PRIW95Primed White Pine Primed White Stripwood 36mm x 12mm 2400mm
PRIW96Primed White Pine Primed White Stripwood 44mm x 12mm 2400mm
PRIW98 Primed White Pine Primed White Stripwood 70mm x 12mm 2400mm
PRIW86Primed White Pine Primed White Stripwood 36mm x 15mm 2400mm
PRIW49 Primed White Pine Primed White Stripwood 44mm x 15mm 2400mm
PRIW87Primed White Pine Primed White Stripwood 36mm x 18mm 2400mm
PRIW88Primed White Pine Primed White Stripwood 44mm x 18mm 2400mm
PRIW89Primed White Pine Primed White Stripwood 70mm x 18mm 2400mm