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Door saddles, saddle boards or saddle thresholds, sit on the floor underneath a closed door and serve a number of valuable purposes. Saddles can help prevent draughts and air flow beneath a door, keeping out the cold and saving energy costs. They can also dampen sound transmission between two rooms and in the event of fire, saddles can slow the smoke travelling underneath doors. Aesthetically, they cover the join between two different floor types that can occur at internal thresholds.

Saddle boards can be nailed or glued down; however, if the floor is concrete, you will probably need to glue the threshold down using strong adhesive and apply heavy objects to hold down the saddle while the glue dries, to ensure it is safely secured.

Our door saddles are available in the standard 1000mm & 2000mm lengths to suit most door widths. We offer saddle boards in two timber types – Red Deal and White Oak.


Red-Deal Glue Edged Panels

Red Deal

White Oak-Panel Mouldings

White Oak

Door Saddle

CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
SBRD1Red DealSaddle Board135 x 18mm1000mm
SBRD1(2)Red DealSaddle Board135 x 18mm2000mm
SBW01White OakSaddle Board135 x 18mm1000mm
SBW01(2)White OakSaddle Board135 x 18mm2000mm