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A popular selection for interior DIY and building projects, glue edged panels are an excellent choice for creating a feature wall or other similarly creative projects. They are used also for shelving and door-making for cupboards and fittings.

These panels are wide and thin, as a result of gluing long panels of pine timber together along their edge and in the same direction of grains.

We provide a choice between White Deal or Red Deal panels along with a selection of lengths to best suit each project.

White-Deal Glue Edged Panels

White Deal

Red-Deal Glue Edged Panels

Red Deal

Glued Panels

PANWD all Glue Edged Panels
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
PANWD2005White DealGlue Edge Panel2350 x 18mm200mm
PANRD2505Red DealGlue Edge Panel2400 x 18mm250mm
PANWD3005White DealGlue Edge Panel2350 x 18mm300mm
PANRD3005Red DealGlue Edge Panel2400 x 18mm300mm
PANWD4005White DealGlue Edge Panel2350 x 18mm400mm
PANRD4005Red DealGlue Edge Panel2400 x 18mm400mm
PANWD5005White DealGlue Edge Panel2350 x 18mm500mm
PANRD5005Red DealGlue Edge Panel2400 x 18mm500mm
PANWD6005White DealGlue Edge Panel2350 x 18mm600mm
PANRD6005Red DealGlue Edge Panel2400 x 18mm600mm