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TG Sheeting, short for Tongue and Groove, or sometimes TGV sheeting (where a v-groove is part of the profile), is easy to install and beautiful to look at. TG, as the name suggests, uses a hidden tongue and groove, which runs the length of each side of the board, to slot neatly together. The V-joint or beading that runs horizontally or vertically along each panel is a decorative feature which, when in place and can also act to disguise the join between each panel.

It is suitable for many indoor requirements including decorative panelling on walls, ceilings and cabinets. It is easy to paint, stain and varnish making it a popular choice in home décor.

See below on our offerings of choice between Red Deal, White Deal and MDF Primed White sheeting.

Red-Deal Glue Edged Panels

Red Deal

White-Deal Glue Edged Panels

White Deal

Primed White- Angle Beads

MDF Primed White

TGV Sheeting

TGRD1 TG Sheeting
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
TGRD1Red DealTGV Sheeting90 x 8mm2400mm
TGRD1(4.2)Red DealTGV Sheeting90 x 8mm4200mm
TGRD1(4.8)Red DealTGV Sheeting90 x 8mm4800mm
TGWD1White DealTGV Sheeting90 x 8mm2400mm
TGRD2Red DealTGV Sheeting92 x 12mm2400mm

TGV Pre-finished Sheeting

TGFRD1 TG Sheeting
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
TGFRD1Red DealPre-finished TGV Sheeting90 x 8mm2400mm
TGFRD1(4.2)Red DealPre-finished TGV Sheeting90 x 8mm4200mm

TGV Centre Bead Sheeting

TGBDRD1 TG Sheeting
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
TGBDRD1Red DealTGV Centrebead Sheeting92 x 8mm2400mm

Primed TGV Sheeting

CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
TGPRIW1(2.44)MDF Primed WhitePrimed TGV Sheeting92 x 9mm2440mm
TGPRIW1(4.88)MDF Primed WhitePrimed TGV Sheeting92 x 9mm4880mm

Primed White Sheeting

Code Wood Type Description Size Length
TGPRIW2 Primed White Pine Primed White Sheeting 94mm x 11mm 2400mm