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Acting primarily as a key safety feature of the staircase, the stair rails (hand and base rail) are stair parts which help prevent falls and injuries by holding the spindle barrier in place. While safety is the primary function, the stair rail is often used as an opportunity to add further design details to a staircase through choice of hand rail style. This can be done using a series of shapes and profiles from the traditional horseshoe design to a more modern square shape. Elaborate features such as monkey’s tails (wooden swirls around the bottom newel post) or goose necks (to accommodate level change) can also be added to dress up the appearance of the stair case and give it a more classical, eye-catching look. Other hand rails, such as the round wall mounted design can also be used for additional support on the wall side of the stair case or as a safety feature in areas where a traditional spindle barrier cannot be fitted. 


  • The Handrail is a horizontal or slightly inclined rail that provides support to individuals using a stairway. Handrails are required on stairways with four or more risers and can be located on both sides of the stairway for added safety. Handrails can be attached to a wall with brackets or placed on top of stair spindles (or panels) which are fixed into the bottom of the handrail and spaced by no more than 99mm using infill slip spacers. 


  • The Base rail is a stair part which runs parrel to the stairs at the bottom of the banister/balustrade. The base rail runs up on top of the string and along the landing. Spindles or panels are fixed into the base rail and, in the case of Spindles, are spaced by an infill slip which can be cut to the desired size by the fitter. 

Clear-Pine-scaled Stair Rail- Hand & Base


White Oak-Panel Mouldings

White Oak

Mahogany Stair Rail- Hand & Base


Pine Chrome stair spindle


Pine Nickel

Pine/Brush Nickel

Round Wall Mounted Handrail

HRRD2-HRRD24.2 Stair Rail- Hand & Base
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
HRRD2PineRound Wall Mounted Handrail50 x 45mm2100mm
HRRD2(4.2)PineRound Wall Mounted Handrail50 x 45mm4200mm
HRWO2White OakRound Wall Mounted Handrail50 x 45mm2100mm
HRWO2(4.2)White OakRound Wall Mounted Handrail50 x 45mm4200mm

Classic Handrail

HRRD3 Stair Rail- Hand & Base
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
HRRD3PineClassic Handrail67 x 55mm2100mm
HRRD3(4.2)PineClassic Handrail67 x 55mm4200mm
HRWO3White OakClassic Handrail67 x 55mm2100mm
HRWO3(4.2)White OakClassic Handrail67 x 55mm4200mm
HRM3MahoganyClassic Handrail67 x 55mm2100mm
HRM3(4.2)MahoganyClassic Handrail67 x 55mm4200mm

Clarity Handrail

CLHR24OU & CLHR42OU Stair & Base
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CLHR240UWhite OakClarity Handrail69 x 60mm2100mm
CLHR420UWhite OakClarity Handrail69 x 60mm4200mm

Wall Mounted Handrail & Fittings

CRBOPC Stair Rail- Hand & Base
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CRBOPCPine/Chrome*4 x 1m Rail in a Box + Fittings54 x 54mm1000mm
CRBOPNPine/Brush Nickel*4 x 1m Rail in a Box + Fittings54 x 54mm1000mm
*Box contains 4 x 1m rails, 5 x Patrice, 3 x Intermediate wall connectors, 1 x left wall connector, 1 x right wall connector

Classic Baserail

Classic Base Rail
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
BRRD2PineClassic Baserail68 x 24mm2100mm
BRRD2(4.2)PineClassic Baserail68 x 24mm4200mm
BRWO2White OakClassic Baserail68 x 24mm2100mm
BRWO2(4.2)White OakClassic Baserail68 x 24mm4200mm
BRM2mahoganyClassic Baserail68 x 24mm2100mm
BRM2(4.2)mahoganyClassic Baserail68 x 24mm4200mm

Clarity Baserail

CLBR24OU & CLBR42OU Stair Rail- Hand & Base
CodeWood TypeDescriptionSizeLength
CLBR240UWhite OakClarity Baserail63 x 49mm2100mm
CLBR420UWhite OakClarity Baserail63 x 49mm4200mm

Handrail Fixing Kit

CHRFIXKIT Stairpart Fixings
CHRFIXKITHandrail Fixing Kit1 Kit

Newel Wedge Splitter

CWEDGSPLIT Stairpart Fixings
CWEDGSPLITNewel Wedge Splitter70 x 27mm

Double-ended screw & Cover Button

CDWLSCREW Stairpart Fixings
CDWLSCREWDouble-ended screw & Cover Button

Clarity Glass Panel Brackets

CGPS2 Stairpart Fixings
CGPS2ChromeClarity Glass Panel Brackets x 2

Clarity Glass Panel Brackets

CGPB2 Stairpart Fixings
CGPB2Brushed NickelClarity Glass Panel Brackets x 2